Travel tip: Packing list

This list is just a basic list to help you get started planning and packing for your trip.  What you pack will vary depending on your location, if you have children, and other various circumstances.  Hopefully what you find here will be helpful to you.  Make sure no matter where you are going that you make a list ahead of time.  I try to make the list at least 1 week before we leave, so it gives me time to add more, or go to the store if needed.  Also, if you are packing light, bring a copy of your list for each person’s bag.  I recommend putting at least one pair of clothes for everyone in each adult bag.  It will lighten the load for everyone, and if a bag gets lost/stolen, everyone will still have clothes.  Typically I try to pack light when traveling by plane, or for our trip to England/Scotland/France, we will only carry backpacks.  10 lbs. for each kid, 15 for each teen and 20 for each adult.  We will also mail home any souvenirs we pick up along the way that are too heavy for our packs.  The necessities also will vary depending on if you are going for business or pleasure.  This list should at least give you a jumping off point.  Remember, when packing light, you can buy travel size bottles and fill them with your full size shampoo/face wash, etc. The ones in bold are the ones I pack when packing light.


  • Toothbrush/toothpaste/floss/ziplock baggie to hold each persons brush.
  • Hairbrush/hair bands/gel/hairspray
  • Hair dryer/curling iron/straighener
  • Feminine products
  • Medicine in their properly labeled bottle/OTC meds
  • Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap/Body wash *preferably travel size
  • Deodorant
  • Towel/washcloth
  • Razor/shaving cream *When flying I buy these when we land
  • Make-up *When packing light, I only bring foundation/lipgloss
  • Face wash/lotion/sunblock *preferably travel size
  • Small first aid kit, especially if you are bringing children!


*Since there are 3 of us able to carry heavier packs (adults/teen), I put one pair of clothes for all 5 of us into a space saving bag.  That way we all have our clothes ready for the day, no one looking for lost items, and no thinking about it 🙂  This gives us 4 outfits including the ones on our backs.

  • 3 Shirts (Long/Short or combo, 4 for small children)
  • 2 pants (pants are heavy so we leave them out of the teen bag, and wear 1 pair twice (except for the little kids we bring 3 pants)
  • 2 bras (obviously not for the men!)
  • 4 Socks/Underwear
  • 1 clothes bag for delicates, which I use to put all our dirty socks/underwear in for laundry.  Nothing worse than losing a sock in a laundromat far away from home 😉
  • 1 Laundry bag with strap *if backpacking.  If I have room for a rolling suitcase, I wheel my dirty/clean clothes in the suitcase.
  • 1 Fleece shirt/jacket
  • 1 waterproof rain jacket (if going where it rains)
  • 2 Swimsuits each (if going where we can swim)
  • Flip flops for public places/sandals

Important information:

  • Drivers License
  • Passport
  • All insurance information
  • Copies of passport/DL/itinerary/Confirmation numbers
  • Airplane/train/bus tickets
  • Attraction tickets
  • Money/Debit card *Call card company ahead of time letting them know you will be traveling so you won’t be flagged.
  • *Have mail held until your return


  • Bible/Devotions
  • Camera/case/batteries/charger/memory cards
  • Card games/books
  • Cell phone/Charger/DS/iPad, etc. *Try not to use them during family time!
  • Diapers/wipes/crib/stroller/etc. for babies/toddlers
  • Snacks for traveling *Do not bring sweets!  Fruits/veggies/water will make for calmer children.  Save the sweets for when you drop them off at Grandma’s 😉
  • Books on CD are great for kids for long car rides!  My kids love Adventures in Odyssey.
  • White Noise maker/alarm clock/flashlight/nightlight *Travel size
  • Voltage adapter/converter
  • Guide book *or rip out just the pages you need and staple them together

I will add more, continually, as it comes to me 🙂

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