Moving. . . again

Whew, in the past 2 years we have lived in 4 different houses (in 2 states) and now we are packing up to make our next (and unfortunately not final) move to yet another state.  You may or may not know that my focus in college was law enforcement.  I never used it as a career, but I do use it frequently in my day to day life.  For example, when we are looking for houses, we not only look at how many bedrooms it has and price, but I also look up crime in the neighborhood and sex offenders in the area. . . of each and every house we are considering.  It gets to be very tiring, and sometimes very stressful.  Especially moving to an area we know nothing about (which has happened in 3 of our moves).  Homes that look nice online are quickly thrown out when I do a search for offenders or crime.  Our price for a rental inches upward as we continue to search for a safe house for the family.  Sometimes it can be fun, other times it can be exhausting.  The final result will be the same, however.  A nice home in a very safe area. I have been praying hard about this next move.  Although this won’t be the first house to rent without seeing, it will be the first one Nathan picks out without us.  I am excited to see the home God has for us.  I am more excited about finding a good church and a good homeschool group.  I know that wherever we end up, as long as we are in the center of God’s will, that it’s the best place to be.  I am nervous, but excited to start the next chapter of our life.  I am VERY excited to have a husband that is home almost every night (at a decent time) and EVERY weekend!  We haven’t had that in years.  It is worth everything to have the family together.  When I start to get stressed out with my search, I remember the final goal, and it makes it all worth it.  Quality time with my family is so important.  My family’s safety is so important.  Those are the goals I am about to reach in just a few short weeks.  How exciting 🙂 Why should I be stressed and overwhelmed when this will all be over before I know it.  We will soon be together, getting back into our routine before I know it.  Reading the Bible together after eating dinner together every night.  I’m so excited!!  Cherish the time you have with your family.  You never know how long you have together, make every moment count!

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