New job, new budget

Every time we move, or change jobs, our budget changes.  For those of you that have not heard bout/read Dave Ramsey, you need to grab a book.  He has a lot of insight, that is really common sense.  Build up your savings (there will ALWAYS be an emergency that comes up), don’t have any debt (including paying off your mortgage), live below your means and give to help others.  It’s amazing how being debt free can feel. . . well, free!  It’s amazing how having some money in savings can take the stress out of your life.  Granted, with moving, most of the savings have been depleted, but the great part is, you pick up wherever you are, and start rebuilding the savings.  I love not having a credit card bill, or a car payment.  Some people think it’s impossible if you don’t make a lot of money, but for years, we lived contently on around $35,000/year.  It’s not impossible.  The biggest issue is that you have to be content.  You have to be ok with having an older car, or not buying clothes every month.  It’s so freeing to go on vacation having it totally paid for in advance.  With my husband’s new job, he will be getting a base pay plus overtime.  In that instance, we will live off of the base pay, and pocket the rest (for savings/vacations).  I love being able to budget for clothes, dates and fun money.  If you don’t budget it, two things can happen.  Either you never do anything, or you do too much.  When you budget every dollar, it really feels like you have more freedom, and more money.  It’s an amazing feeling.  You should try it for 3 months and see if it changes how you view money.


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