7 kids, no problem!

This week, I am watching 4 of my friends 7 kids.  Yesterday, I was planning on meeting my sister 2 1/2 hrs away, so when my friend asked me to watch her kids, I was up to the challenge and I didn’t cancel the plans.  So yesterday morning, we all dragged ourselves out of bed  . . . ok, maybe it was just me dragging, everyone else was already up!  We got in the car for the LONG drive.  I reminded the kids not to wander off, and to be nice and stick together.  We got to the outlet mall and ate lunch right away (feeding 8 people gets expensive!) and then they played for hours on the playground next to the food court.  My sister and I were able to have a really good talk, and the kids just played and played.  They were so sweet, including other kids that came along.  After that (no, we did not go shopping, just played and ate!) we went to another little playground down the road.  The kids played well together, always included everyone, and stayed close by the grownups.  We really had a great time, and after the long drive home, every one of the kids said they wanted to go to bed at 9 PM!  They were beat.  We had a great devo time before bed.  The kids all shared some things that they had learned from the Bible.  It was really sweet.  Then a bedtime story and they were out.  I didn’t even have to tell them to stop talking. I guess running around is what kids do best 🙂

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