Some of my favorite things

*Just a note: I’m not getting anything from any of these companies.  I just thought I would share some of the things I love, that others may not know about!

Since having kids and growing closer to God, I have decided to dress more modestly.  Sometimes that can be a REALLY hard thing to do.  I hate wearing 2 layers of shirts just to make a cute top more modest.  Well, I have been looking for a long time and I came across this website where you can buy a shirt that only comes below your bra, so you don’t have the bulk of wearing an undershirt.  I LOVE this product.  It’s wonderful.  The shirt never slides around, and is reversible for even more modesty.  My favorite is the Basic Modal Halftee.  It’s a little nicer looking than plain cotton, so I can wear it every day or at church.

Another thing I have been using lately is washable menstrual pads.  It’s great for the environment but also great for saving money.  My favorite place to get them is Indian Summer Cloth Shop:

She makes pads in every length, from liners to extra long!  She also makes cloth diapers and other items that will help make using cloth easier, such as wet bags.  They are so soft and comfortable and do not have any chemicals in them like disposable pads have in them.  You will forget you are wearing them.  They are fantastic!

I also love Charlie Soap all purpose cleaner.  You can spray it on the washable pads/diapers.  You can spray it on any kind of stain you can think of, let it sit for 30 min. then wash.  I have not had a stain that didn’t come out from using this product.  I love it.  I do not like the laundry soap that they have, but I LOVE the all purpose cleaner.  I bought a 5 gallon bucket and use a spray bottle to spray what I want to clean.

These are some of my favorite products that you may never have heard of, but they all are wonderful products!!

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