Keeping your attitude in check

This weekend was very long and stressful.  We moved across 7 states in 2 days, then we had to get everything unloaded (thank the Lord for movers!) and put in their proper rooms, THEN we could start to unpack everything.  It’s times like this that make it very easy to snap at the ones you love.  Letting stress overpower you is something we justify, but in reality, it never should be acceptable.  We should always be able to control  ourselves.  Sometimes I have a hard time with that, and I really have been trying hard to stay calm and not get upset when I am exhausted, or very hungry from not eating all day, or in pain.  When we are anticipating a stressful situation (such as with a move), for me, it is easier to control my feelings when I know in advance I could get grumpy.  But what about those unplanned stressful situations?  The death of a loved one, or the loss of a job?  Those times can be really hard to keep your attitude in check, however, especially as a Christian, we need to always remember to model Christ.  You never know who is watching you and how you react to something.  Try to keep calm and control what you say and how you respond.  It really does make things easier, and you won’t have any regret from having an outburst. Just take a deep breath, and move forward.  Sometimes keeping our mouths shut is the best thing to do.  Put a smile on your face and give the stress or burden to God.  He never gives us more than we can handle, and we need to remember to honor Him in all things, and that includes our attitudes.

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One comment on “Keeping your attitude in check

  1. Nathan says:

    Very good advice. I am very proud of you and you are such a blessing to me.

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