6 weeks until our vacation. . .

I have never really been one to over pack.  Even when my kids were little, I hated having to drag around diapers and extra clothes and all the little things you need to bring for a baby.  Now that my kids are older (and diaper free!) I am really excited to experiment with minimal packing.  We are loosely planning a trip to Europe for a year or two from now, and as a trial, we are going to pack light for our cruise and see how that works.  Packing light for a cruise actually can be an oxymoron.  You need a lot of extra stuff on a cruise that you normally would never take with you on vacation.  For example, we needed to bring pirate costumes and a princess costume for the activities onboard the ship.  We have to bring formal clothes and gifts for our gift exchange group.  When we take any other trip, all of these items will be omitted.  I am going to try to fit all the extras into one rolling suitcase, and not really “count” it as our packing light.  We will be carrying all the other items we are bringing (clothes, toiletries, camera, etc.) in our backpacks and see if we can manage lugging them around from the time we get to port (around 11:00AM) to the time we check into our room (around 1:30 PM).  This should give us a good sense of how heavy our bags would be walking around Europe.  We intend to only bring backpacks with us and not check any bags when we go to Europe to help the travel times to go smoother.  We have amazing backpacks.  I just love these things.  I will be posting pictures of all of my travel gear in my packing post when I am ready to ship everything to FL (Yes, it’s way cheaper to ship my stuff, than it is to check a bag on an airline!)  These backpacks are called the Mother Lode Weekender by ebags.  They have multiple compartments, and also close and open like a suitcase.  I also have the packing cubes by ebags which I like more than the vacuum bags. They are a lot lighter when filled and still fits everything you need. Everything fits perfectly in the cubes, and each person gets their own color.  No confusion and it all fits nicely in the backpack.  I am really excited to pack up and ship all our stuff out, because that means only 4 weeks left until our trip!  I am so excited.  I have researched so much for this trip, met wonderful people online that we will be exchanging gifts with, and the kids (and Nate and I) are bursting with excitement!  I love the travel site kayak.com to book flights.  They check all airlines and find you the best price.  The kids and I are flying to FL the day before Nate and staying a few days later, because I got a flight for just $100/pp!  No kidding.  It’s a cheap airline and not 100% reliable with their flight times, but we have nothing else to do so we booked it 🙂  Nate will be flying on a much more reliable airline due to his work schedule.  So we will be spending an unplanned week with our family in FL and taking an amazing cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.  I am not one to take a lot of pictures (hence the lack of photos on my blog), however, I have a feeling I will use up my whole memory card on this trip!  I love cruising and I’m so excited to be bringing the kids along with us this time.  I will be writing more on packing and organizing in a later post.  Here are some links to the backpack and packing cubes.  *I do not recommend the weekender for shorter people.  They have a junior one I am considering getting for my oldest daughter (she is 5’3″) but that might even be too large for her-it is 3″ shorter.  They are excellent if you are 5’9″ or taller)*. I have several cubes in all different colors and sizes, but this will give you an idea on what I am talking about:



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