Pretty toes for summer

I guess I should have done this post a few months ago at the beginning of summer, but better late than never! 🙂

I love wearing sandals in the summer.  Especially cute sandals.  But I do not like how they look without painted toenails.  Of course, since I don’t want to spend $40 at the salon every few weeks, I do my own nails at home.  A few years ago, a friend of mine (Pam Hubble) gave tips to my MOPS group that I still use today.  She taught us how to do a beautiful pedicure at home that will easily last a month.  In fact, her method works so well my nails never chip.  I only have to change polish when the nails grow out!  I decided to put together some pictures (from my phone, sorry they are a little fuzzy!) to help you to be able to have a beautiful pedicure for the summer for a fraction of the price.  Here are the steps in order, oh, and don’t forget the cardinal rule of polish (which my kids ALWAYS seem to forget!) Never, ever leave the house with chipped polish!  It only takes a minute to remove the polish, but my kids don’t seem to care 😉

Ok on to the list:

  1. Soak feet in warm water for a few minutes.
  2. I use a little olive oil, and rub it on my cuticles.  Then I use a stone to gently push back my cuticle and I use a gentle grit nail file to file and shape the nails.  You can also use nail clippers to make sure they are all the same length.Image
  3. Use a sugar scrub to massage your feet and legs and remove any excess skin. Image Pay special attention to the side and heel of your foot.
  4. Rinse off well with water and pat dry.
  5. Start with nail gripper (the most important step!  The gripper will hold the nail polish to your nail.  This is what prevents chipping and will help you nail polish last!) Brush it on your nails and let it dry for a minute or two.  My gripper bottle broke because my daughter used it and since she was 7 at the time, spilled it all over the lid.  It “gripped” the lid closed!  On the next bottle, I will use this step for her 🙂Image
  6. Use 2 coats of any nail polish.  I have found that with the gripper, I can use cheap $1 nail polish and it lasts just as long as the expensive polish.  Using 2 thinner coats instead of one thick coat with help prevent smudging. Let dry for a few minutes in between coats and after the second coat.Image
  7. Use a good top coat to seal in the color.  This is also another very important step that most people leave out.  The top coat will add a nice shine to your nails and will also help prevent chipping.Image
  8. Be careful and don’t walk around too much for a few minutes after doing your nails.  The whole process only takes about 30 minutes and your nails will look beautiful for the next month!
  9. When you are ready to remove the polish, a nice acetone remover works really well to remove all the layers.  Just remove old polish and repeat at step one for your new pedicure.Image

Remember that even though it is a little pricy to buy all the items the first time, you will be using them for multiple manicures/pedicures.  I paid about $25 start up and have used all the items for over 2 years.  That is a huge savings!  I get most of my products from Sally’s Beauty Supply (Gripper, stone, top coat) and Target (nail file, remover, nail polish, sugar scrub).  I hope you are able to have beautiful nails and toenails for the rest of the summer!

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