Safety first

I am a HUGE stickler for safety.  I have always tried to teach my kids to be safe when they are at and away from home.  Here are some important tips everyone should know, to help keep them safe.

At home:
I always put an emergency number list somewhere down low that they can see.  It has 911 with a green dot after it (to show you have to push the green button on the phone to make the call work).  Then it has our address under 911.  I don’t care how old you are, if there is an emergency, your address can easily slip your mind.  I then have Nathan and my numbers listed, also I have listed “Mom” or “Dad” next to the numbers to show who we are.  Then I have another set of numbers of someone that is a friend/family member that could help with their relation next to their names.  If the police have to come to the house, they can easily find those numbers as well.  We hope we never have to use it, but are thankful that it is there!

Keep your doors locked.  Most break-ins happen through open or unlocked doors, it’s so easy to flip the switch, and will keep your family safe.  Also, teaching your kids to NEVER answer the door is a must!

Away from home:

When you are walking in a store or on the street, glance around and make sure no one is following you.  Especially if you are alone.  Always make eye contact with people.

When you are with your kids, keep a close eye on your purse.  Don’t leave it in the cart, carry it on you.  Also, a purse with a zipper is far safer than one with an open top.

When leaving a store, if you feel you are being followed, turn around and go back into the store.  I know someone was following me once to my car, and I went back in the store.  They stopped for a minute, and then kept walking.  It may have been nothing, but you never know.  Which brings me to my next point:

Once you get into your car, lock your doors before doing anything else.  If you have to buckle in a child, glace around first.  If you are distracted, it is very easy for someone to come up to you without you knowing.

If you feel the need to carry a gun, get a concealed weapons permit.  Protecting yourself and your family is so important.  Don’t be foolish with your firearm and leave it in a purse or somewhere that a child could reach it.  Always keep it on you if it’s loaded.  Whether or not the safety is on, a loaded weapon can be dangerous, and needs to be out of reach of children.

I’m not trying to scare anyone, or seem as if I live in a bubble.  But always being aware of your surroundings and doing simple things to keep you and your kids safe is always a great idea.  Have a safe and happy summer!!


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