Life, unexpected

I have not been blogging lately because I hurt my back real bad and couldn’t sit.  I will also be going on vacation soon, but I will blog all about that when I get back.  Today is the day I would normally get a jump start on my Christmas card, but I’m having a really hard time writing it.  Partly because it’s depressing.  Mostly because it’s painful.  I have had 3 unexpected deaths happen to people I love very much and physically almost died myself.  I have been in more pain physically than ever before (yes, including childbirth, and this pain lasted much longer than childbirth!).  I have seen things and experienced things I hope I never have to see/feel again.  How in the world could I write all that in a Christmas letter? It would be so depressing.  Then I got to thinking of how God walked me through it all.  How He gave me the strength to help others in need.  How He gave me the will to fight, when I felt like dying.  How He allowed what we went through to really make my family realize how precious life is, and how we should show our loved ones that we love them.  Not only in our words but in our actions.  I still don’t think I will write a Christmas letter this year, but I have really grown a lot and I have learned so much this year.  Maybe more than ever before.  Life is precious.  It is a gift from God.  We are not guaranteed how long we will have with our loved ones, but if we have Jesus Christ as our Savior, we will have happiness and peace for all eternity.  Having Christ in my life helped me to get through the trials.  I didn’t fall into depression, but clung to Him for help. He gladly helped me through.  The trials did not ruin me, but strengthened me.  I grew stronger as a person, stronger as a Christian, and more thankful for the free gift Jesus gave me. 

Romans 10:9

That if you confess with your mouth Jesus IS Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you WILL be saved.

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