Disney Fantasy Oceaneer Club/Lab and VIBE kids club

Here are pictures from the kids Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab (for ages 3-12) and VIBE (ages 14-17).  I did not go to the tween club EDGE (11-14), but it is more like VIBE than the Oceaneer Club.  When you board, you need to pick a club.  You cannot hop between clubs, so if you are 14, you need to pick either VIBE or EDGE.  Same if you are 11-12.  The Oceaneer Club/Lab is all in one huge space.  In between the two clubs are bathrooms, a lunch room, and a science room.  The kids are free to go between the two clubs, however, if one side has an open house, for the safety of the kids, the other side is blocked off.  It didn’t happen too often though.  The kids get a wristband when they board the ship.  They are supposed to wear it the whole cruise, but my kids thought it was annoying, so I had the bands loosened to where they could slip it on when they were in the club, and then slip it off when they left.  You bring the kids to the club, they tap their bracelet and can enter the club.  When you come to pick them up, you need your stateroom key.  The club worker will scan your key and a picture of you and your kids pops onto the screen.  Then you have to give a secret password.  After that, one parent can go into the club to try and track down your kids.  Disney leaves 2 cell phones in your stateroom that you can use during your cruise.  Make sure to rotating charging them, or they will beep during the night.  We gave one to our teen (be very careful with them.  There is a $250 charge if it gets lost/broken!) and the other we kept.  We could call her and keep tabs, or decide on a meeting place/time.  It was really nice to give her some freedom, but still keep in touch.  Also when your younger kids are in the club, the workers can text you to come and get them.  Your phone will vibrate and a message that says “(child’s name) is ready to be picked up from the Oceaneers Club” pops up on the screen.  It is really an awesome invention, and I like that I can leave the kids knowing they are in control of when they want to leave.  The kids club has so many different areas.  They have computer games, play areas, board games, crafts, science experiments, you name it.  The kids can dress up and play with the real characters.  You can help Captain Hook find his missing hook, or have storytime with the princesses.  In each room, a different movie is playing, so if the child just wants to relax, they can just sit back in any room and watch whatever movie they want.  A note of warning: When your kids do the arts and crafts, there is no guarantee they will get to bring them home.  A number of times Marissa’s crafts disappeared, and someone else took it home.  Once she knew that would happen, she was ok with it, but she was sad at first.  So just give the kids a heads up.



The teen club was a lot of fun and Ashley spent a lot of time doing the activities.  They had Gender Wars almost every night, Scavenger Hunts, Gotcha game, and the zombie movie.  They also made food/smoothies.  They had a couple of parties for the teens.  This club is ONLY for 14-17 year olds.  You have to have a special sticker on your card to enter the club.  Younger kids try to sneak in, but they are not allowed.  The counselor’s keep a close eye on the kids and don’t allow the kids to have “close contact” with each other.  Safety was their number one priority, and fun came second.  I really felt ok letting her go to the club knowing she would be safe.   There were many nights she came back to the room at midnight or 1 AM because they had activities going on.  She had such a blast, I know she will remember it forever!



Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 7

Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 6

September 13, 2013

Today is the day we have been waiting for.  Everyone that has been on a Disney cruise before raves about Castaway Cay (pronounced Key).  So we were really excited to see if it lived up to the hype.  This was also the one and only “excursion” we did on this vacation.  Disney built 15 private cabanas on the family beach that you could rent for the day.  The only problem is that with up to 4,000 people on board the chances of getting one are very slim.  Add to that being a first time cruiser, and you might as well forget it.  Well, we happened to make a buddy online through our FE gift exchange group.  He was sailing concierge, which means, he gets top pick for everything.  So he booked us a cabana and later we switched it to our name!  It was amazing, and the best beach day ever.  I was so thrilled that we were able to snag a cabana.  It really made the whole day so much more enjoyable.  The family beach was super crowded all day (they also have an adults only beach with a few adults only cabanas).  But the beach in front of the family beach cabanas is private.  So even though the family beach was crowded, where we were, was not.  We had all the sand and water we wanted.  There was a bathroom and BBQ set up right outside the Cabana gate.  Of course, the food/drinks were included for everyone, but if you had a cabana, you got unlimited cold drinks in a fridge in your room.  Snacks, sunblock, sand toys, snorkel equipment, floats, you name it, were also included.  The day went by way too fast here!  We had the best time ever.  We also had unlimited towels in the cabana, not to mention my favorite part, a fresh water outdoor shower just for us!  The cabana was well worth the price and I would do it again in a heartbeat!  I know we were lucky to get it this one time, but I would try my best to get one again.  It was cool, kept the sun off you and really added to our day!  We also went shopping and mailed some post cards while we were at port.  **I posted a lot of pictures here, if you want to see them bigger, just click on the photo!**

IMG_1473 IMG_1430IMG_1427IMG_1453IMG_1448IMG_1438IMG_1447IMG_1434IMG_1435IMG_1439IMG_1446IMG_1440IMG_1449IMG_1442IMG_1441IMG_1450IMG_1488 IMG_1436IMG_1465IMG_1480 IMG_1482   IMG_1471IMG_1428    IMG_1444            IMG_1477

Once we got back on the ship, we rode the Aquaduck one last time.  For dinner our last night, we ate at Animator’s Palate.  We drew people on our placemats, and Disney magically brought them to life and our character’s danced onscreen. It was so much fun!







After that, we brought the kids to the club, so we could go watch the movie premier of Zombified.


It turns out it wasn’t too scary for Marissa and Dylan to watch, but we didn’t know that at the time.  After the show, Ashley went to one last party at the teen club to say goodbye to all her new friends.  The kids got free backpacks when we picked them up from the kids club.  We went back to the room and watched old Disney cartoons while the ship gently rocked us back to Florida.


See you real soon . . .

Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 6

Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 5

September 12, 2013

Today was another day at sea, as we made our way to Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay (pronounced Key).  We got up at a decent time and played Goofy Golf in the morning.


Marissa got a hole in one!


This golf course was super cute!


The weather was very nice, but VERY windy.  We tried to play ping pong with the kids, but that did not work well at all with the wind.  The kids decided they wanted to go to the kids club, so we dropped them off, did some shopping, and grabbed a coffee and frappe at the adult’s only Cove Cafe.  It was good, but I wouldn’t buy it again.  The Frappe was made from powder, which I think is a waste of money.  Disney has this neat phone system on their cruises where you get 2 cell phones in your stateroom that only work on the ship (and their private island).


We gave one to Ashley and kept one for ourselves.  We could call her and let her know where to meet us, or the kids club could page us and let us know when the kids were ready to be picked up.  They are super safe in the club, noone but the workers are allowed in.  The kids have special bracelets they wear throughout the cruise and when you pick them up, the worker has your photo on a screen.  You also have to give a password to get them.  I wasn’t worried about their safety at all in the club 🙂  Anyway, after we shopped around a bit, we got a text saying the kids wanted to be picked up, so we went and got them and had lunch at Royal Court.  Then we went to the room and watched The Emperor’s New Groove and took a nap.  Tonight Nathan and I booked a reservation at the super fancy adult’s only restaurant Remy (nominal fee).  So, Nathan took the kids to do another mystery hunt, and I got myself ready for dinner (you have to dress up for this restaurant) and I got Ashley ready for the teen party later that night.  Ashley took the kids to the stage show and dinner, and Nathan and I went to dinner and then the stage show alone.  Then we met the kids in the room and Ashley went to her party at VIBE.  The dinner at Remy was amazing.  I have never really been to a fancy restaurant, but I assume the meal we had would cost over $400 on land (without tip!), so I was really excited to try it tonight.  I am kind of a picky eater, but everything I ate, I loved, and they kept the fish off my food which was really nice!!  I will post more later, on a food page, but here are a few pictures:




The view from our table.  We got to see the sunset, it was beautiful on the water.


Do you see the little Remy on the chair from Ratatouille?


This Waygu beef was very good.


The best dessert ever!  It even had edible gold on it! (Which tastes like paper LOL!)


Nathan’s dessert was very beautiful!  That tall thing in the background is made of chocolate!


They also remembered our anniversary and wrote it on a plate in French. (Also, they gave us some goodies to take to the kids!)


And more goodies to take!  Our stateroom attendant put the rose in a vase for us.  It was very sweet!  The chocolates in the box were fantastic!


A lobster greeted us back in the room!


Ashley headed off to her teen club party.


They decked out the VIBE to celebrate.  She had a blast!

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Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 5

Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 4

September 11, 2013

Today we arrived at St. Thomas.  I didn’t really want to spend much time at shore, again because everything was soooo expensive (seriously, the same stuff on the ship-which is already overpriced-was $50+ more on land, and they DON’T haggle!).  I also don’t really have pictures here, which I’m a little bummed, but we only were on land for about 30 minutes before the kids wanted to go back and do the Aquaduck and swim.  The kids went to the clubs for awhile, and then we went to the stage show Wishes, which was our favorite show.  Ashley tried a smoothie at the teen club VIBE called a yo-yo.  It’s made with ice, orange Fanta, and cherry syrup.  She said it was AWESOME!


View of St. Thomas from our room.


More posing with the Minnie statue!


St. Thomas from the Lobby window.


We were able to join Dylan today for a Super Sloppy Science experiment with  Professor Make A Mess.


We made Flubber 🙂 It was fun to be able to do this together!


I’m not sure what islands these are, but they sure looked pretty!


The Aquaduck!  You have to walk up a TON of stairs to get there, but it is a super fun ride!! 🙂


I know this is a bathroom, but ALL the bathrooms on board were really neat and they were all very different!


Pictures with Hook and Smee.


Our server, Alex made the kids origami!


Peppercorn steak, YUM!


She also taught them a magic trick.


She took the time to teach each of us how to do it 🙂


She was the best server ever! 🙂 I would love to have her again!  If you go on a Fantasy cruise, her name is Alex from Poland, you will love her!


More beautiful photo ops 🙂


We ate at Enchanted Garden tonight.  It was really yummy.  We had an amazing day today!

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Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 4

Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 3

September 10, 2013

Whew, so much has happened already and it’s only day 4 of our amazing vacation!  Today is our first port day.  We didn’t do much at the ports.  The shopping and excursions were so expensive, that we took the next two days to explore the practically empty ship.  We rode the AquaDuck numerous times, swam, did some more detective mysteries, and some super sloppy science experiments!  It also was Pirate Night which meant we needed to get on our pirate gear and join in the fun!


View of St. Maarten from our room.


First time on land in 3 days!!  Still feels like we’re moving!


Beautiful picture of the ship and sailboats 🙂


They had free bandanas waiting for us in our room when we got back on the ship!


They set this up for Pirate Night. Dylan is moving the ship in the picture!  It was so cool!!


Can you say “Argh matey?!”


Pictures with Captain Mickey


And Marissa’s favorite, Stitch the pirate!


The before dinner Pirate Show


Special pirate menu just for tonight.


Even our server was a pirate for the evening!


The after dinner pirate show, where the ship was invaded with pirates!


And of course, the famous fireworks after the pirate show.  Disney is the only line authorized to have fireworks at sea, and they were really cool!!  Thanks to our server for the tip to go to Deck 12 Starboard for the best views!!


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Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 3

Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 2

September 9, 2013

After the late movie we saw last night, we slept in late today (10 AM).  Today is the day we went around the ship passing out our gifts to our Fish Extender group we met through http://www.disboards.com.  We were running all over the ship, but the kids loved passing them out.  We only got “caught” one time 🙂  Ashley spent most of the day in the teen club working on the Zombified movie and doing a scavenger hunt.  We went shopping some more, of course!  Later than day, Marissa and Dylan went to the Pluto Pajama Party in the club and got free pillow cases to take home.  Tonight was the Aladdin stage show which was hilarious and very well done.


The kids showing off the magnets we got from our group.


We saw Peter Pan jumping down the stairs, and he was following Dylan for a bit chatting with him 🙂


More places to grab a cute photo of the kids


And of the family!


The kids wanted to do the Detective Agency (You get a ticket and choose a mystery, then you take your map and ticket, walk to a specific picture, hold up a ticket in front of the picture (they are all over the ship). The pictures come to life, talk to you, and give you clues to solve a mystery.  There were 3 mysteries, and we solved them all.  Dylan did one of them twice, and it was a different person each time.


Marissa activating a picture.  You can also walk past the photo without a card and the picture itself comes to life and changes, but it does not show the characters from the Detective Agency unless you have a card.


Dinner tonight in Royal Court.  I wish my bread basket looked like this!

The food was very good.  It’s a French restaurant, so of course they had Crème Brûlée for dessert, my favorite!


Duck Appetizer.


This was the prettiest of the 3 main dining rooms.


They had murals tiled all over the room.  They were beautiful! Whew, another long day came to a close.  I thought cruises were relaxing, but I guess only if you don’t bring the kids 🙂

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Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 2

Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 1

September 8, 2013

Today we had to get up early and get the kids fed, because Nathan and I booked a special adults only brunch at Palo (Nominal fee).  So the kids went to the kids clubs, and we headed off to an amazing brunch.  More pictures will be posted in the food section, but for now, here are some photos from Palo (pronounced Pal-oh):






They also remembered we were celebrating our anniversary.


After brunch, Nathan took the kids to go swimming and to ride on the Disney watercoaster, the Aquaduck, while Ashley and I got ready for formal night.  I decided since it took us so long to do our hair, that we would get ready before the show.  I would do Marissa’s hair and the boys would get ready after the show (and before dinner).  Ashley told us that she got the lead in the teen zombie movie.  She was so excited, I think this news just made the cruise so much better for her!  Disney gives you free on demand movies in your stateroom, so while we were getting ready, we watched Wreck it Ralph and Meet the Robinsons.  They also have Disney and non-Disney live action movies, up to PG-13.


Marissa and her Daddy heading into the nightly stage show.


Tonight we ate dinner at Enchanted Garden.  Our servers followed us around every night, and Dylan didn’t realize they were supposed  to, so he thought it was creepy.  Once we told him it was so they could get to know us, he enjoyed it and at the end of the cruise really liked our servers a lot!


They give the kids coloring/activity books every night at dinner.  The kids loved them!


This reminded me of Thai spring rolls my cousin made for me once.  Very good!  Even at the regular restaurants, the food looked amazing!  They really went above and beyond!


Of course we had our nightly towel animal waiting for us with Sleepy chocolates!  At about 10:30 pm, we went and saw Monster University in 3-D at the movie theater.  I was surprised no one fell asleep! It was a very funny movie!

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