Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 2

Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 1

September 8, 2013

Today we had to get up early and get the kids fed, because Nathan and I booked a special adults only brunch at Palo (Nominal fee).  So the kids went to the kids clubs, and we headed off to an amazing brunch.  More pictures will be posted in the food section, but for now, here are some photos from Palo (pronounced Pal-oh):






They also remembered we were celebrating our anniversary.


After brunch, Nathan took the kids to go swimming and to ride on the Disney watercoaster, the Aquaduck, while Ashley and I got ready for formal night.  I decided since it took us so long to do our hair, that we would get ready before the show.  I would do Marissa’s hair and the boys would get ready after the show (and before dinner).  Ashley told us that she got the lead in the teen zombie movie.  She was so excited, I think this news just made the cruise so much better for her!  Disney gives you free on demand movies in your stateroom, so while we were getting ready, we watched Wreck it Ralph and Meet the Robinsons.  They also have Disney and non-Disney live action movies, up to PG-13.


Marissa and her Daddy heading into the nightly stage show.


Tonight we ate dinner at Enchanted Garden.  Our servers followed us around every night, and Dylan didn’t realize they were supposed  to, so he thought it was creepy.  Once we told him it was so they could get to know us, he enjoyed it and at the end of the cruise really liked our servers a lot!


They give the kids coloring/activity books every night at dinner.  The kids loved them!


This reminded me of Thai spring rolls my cousin made for me once.  Very good!  Even at the regular restaurants, the food looked amazing!  They really went above and beyond!


Of course we had our nightly towel animal waiting for us with Sleepy chocolates!  At about 10:30 pm, we went and saw Monster University in 3-D at the movie theater.  I was surprised no one fell asleep! It was a very funny movie!

Day 3 on next page.

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3 comments on “Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 2

  1. Rachel says:

    I cannot imagine being able to BEGIN a movie at 10:30….It’s been about, oh, 8 years since those days!!

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