Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 3

Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 2

September 9, 2013

After the late movie we saw last night, we slept in late today (10 AM).  Today is the day we went around the ship passing out our gifts to our Fish Extender group we met through http://www.disboards.com.  We were running all over the ship, but the kids loved passing them out.  We only got “caught” one time 🙂  Ashley spent most of the day in the teen club working on the Zombified movie and doing a scavenger hunt.  We went shopping some more, of course!  Later than day, Marissa and Dylan went to the Pluto Pajama Party in the club and got free pillow cases to take home.  Tonight was the Aladdin stage show which was hilarious and very well done.


The kids showing off the magnets we got from our group.


We saw Peter Pan jumping down the stairs, and he was following Dylan for a bit chatting with him 🙂


More places to grab a cute photo of the kids


And of the family!


The kids wanted to do the Detective Agency (You get a ticket and choose a mystery, then you take your map and ticket, walk to a specific picture, hold up a ticket in front of the picture (they are all over the ship). The pictures come to life, talk to you, and give you clues to solve a mystery.  There were 3 mysteries, and we solved them all.  Dylan did one of them twice, and it was a different person each time.


Marissa activating a picture.  You can also walk past the photo without a card and the picture itself comes to life and changes, but it does not show the characters from the Detective Agency unless you have a card.


Dinner tonight in Royal Court.  I wish my bread basket looked like this!

The food was very good.  It’s a French restaurant, so of course they had Crème Brûlée for dessert, my favorite!


Duck Appetizer.


This was the prettiest of the 3 main dining rooms.


They had murals tiled all over the room.  They were beautiful! Whew, another long day came to a close.  I thought cruises were relaxing, but I guess only if you don’t bring the kids 🙂

Day 4 on next page.

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