Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 4

Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 3

September 10, 2013

Whew, so much has happened already and it’s only day 4 of our amazing vacation!  Today is our first port day.  We didn’t do much at the ports.  The shopping and excursions were so expensive, that we took the next two days to explore the practically empty ship.  We rode the AquaDuck numerous times, swam, did some more detective mysteries, and some super sloppy science experiments!  It also was Pirate Night which meant we needed to get on our pirate gear and join in the fun!


View of St. Maarten from our room.


First time on land in 3 days!!  Still feels like we’re moving!


Beautiful picture of the ship and sailboats 🙂


They had free bandanas waiting for us in our room when we got back on the ship!


They set this up for Pirate Night. Dylan is moving the ship in the picture!  It was so cool!!


Can you say “Argh matey?!”


Pictures with Captain Mickey


And Marissa’s favorite, Stitch the pirate!


The before dinner Pirate Show


Special pirate menu just for tonight.


Even our server was a pirate for the evening!


The after dinner pirate show, where the ship was invaded with pirates!


And of course, the famous fireworks after the pirate show.  Disney is the only line authorized to have fireworks at sea, and they were really cool!!  Thanks to our server for the tip to go to Deck 12 Starboard for the best views!!


Day 5 on next page.

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