Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 5

Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 4

September 11, 2013

Today we arrived at St. Thomas.  I didn’t really want to spend much time at shore, again because everything was soooo expensive (seriously, the same stuff on the ship-which is already overpriced-was $50+ more on land, and they DON’T haggle!).  I also don’t really have pictures here, which I’m a little bummed, but we only were on land for about 30 minutes before the kids wanted to go back and do the Aquaduck and swim.  The kids went to the clubs for awhile, and then we went to the stage show Wishes, which was our favorite show.  Ashley tried a smoothie at the teen club VIBE called a yo-yo.  It’s made with ice, orange Fanta, and cherry syrup.  She said it was AWESOME!


View of St. Thomas from our room.


More posing with the Minnie statue!


St. Thomas from the Lobby window.


We were able to join Dylan today for a Super Sloppy Science experiment with  Professor Make A Mess.


We made Flubber 🙂 It was fun to be able to do this together!


I’m not sure what islands these are, but they sure looked pretty!


The Aquaduck!  You have to walk up a TON of stairs to get there, but it is a super fun ride!! 🙂


I know this is a bathroom, but ALL the bathrooms on board were really neat and they were all very different!


Pictures with Hook and Smee.


Our server, Alex made the kids origami!


Peppercorn steak, YUM!


She also taught them a magic trick.


She took the time to teach each of us how to do it 🙂


She was the best server ever! 🙂 I would love to have her again!  If you go on a Fantasy cruise, her name is Alex from Poland, you will love her!


More beautiful photo ops 🙂


We ate at Enchanted Garden tonight.  It was really yummy.  We had an amazing day today!

Day 6 on next page.

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