Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 6

Disney Fantasy Cruise Day 5

September 12, 2013

Today was another day at sea, as we made our way to Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay (pronounced Key).  We got up at a decent time and played Goofy Golf in the morning.


Marissa got a hole in one!


This golf course was super cute!


The weather was very nice, but VERY windy.  We tried to play ping pong with the kids, but that did not work well at all with the wind.  The kids decided they wanted to go to the kids club, so we dropped them off, did some shopping, and grabbed a coffee and frappe at the adult’s only Cove Cafe.  It was good, but I wouldn’t buy it again.  The Frappe was made from powder, which I think is a waste of money.  Disney has this neat phone system on their cruises where you get 2 cell phones in your stateroom that only work on the ship (and their private island).


We gave one to Ashley and kept one for ourselves.  We could call her and let her know where to meet us, or the kids club could page us and let us know when the kids were ready to be picked up.  They are super safe in the club, noone but the workers are allowed in.  The kids have special bracelets they wear throughout the cruise and when you pick them up, the worker has your photo on a screen.  You also have to give a password to get them.  I wasn’t worried about their safety at all in the club 🙂  Anyway, after we shopped around a bit, we got a text saying the kids wanted to be picked up, so we went and got them and had lunch at Royal Court.  Then we went to the room and watched The Emperor’s New Groove and took a nap.  Tonight Nathan and I booked a reservation at the super fancy adult’s only restaurant Remy (nominal fee).  So, Nathan took the kids to do another mystery hunt, and I got myself ready for dinner (you have to dress up for this restaurant) and I got Ashley ready for the teen party later that night.  Ashley took the kids to the stage show and dinner, and Nathan and I went to dinner and then the stage show alone.  Then we met the kids in the room and Ashley went to her party at VIBE.  The dinner at Remy was amazing.  I have never really been to a fancy restaurant, but I assume the meal we had would cost over $400 on land (without tip!), so I was really excited to try it tonight.  I am kind of a picky eater, but everything I ate, I loved, and they kept the fish off my food which was really nice!!  I will post more later, on a food page, but here are a few pictures:




The view from our table.  We got to see the sunset, it was beautiful on the water.


Do you see the little Remy on the chair from Ratatouille?


This Waygu beef was very good.


The best dessert ever!  It even had edible gold on it! (Which tastes like paper LOL!)


Nathan’s dessert was very beautiful!  That tall thing in the background is made of chocolate!


They also remembered our anniversary and wrote it on a plate in French. (Also, they gave us some goodies to take to the kids!)


And more goodies to take!  Our stateroom attendant put the rose in a vase for us.  It was very sweet!  The chocolates in the box were fantastic!


A lobster greeted us back in the room!


Ashley headed off to her teen club party.


They decked out the VIBE to celebrate.  She had a blast!

Day 7 on next page.

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