Disney Fantasy Oceaneer Club/Lab and VIBE kids club

Here are pictures from the kids Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab (for ages 3-12) and VIBE (ages 14-17).  I did not go to the tween club EDGE (11-14), but it is more like VIBE than the Oceaneer Club.  When you board, you need to pick a club.  You cannot hop between clubs, so if you are 14, you need to pick either VIBE or EDGE.  Same if you are 11-12.  The Oceaneer Club/Lab is all in one huge space.  In between the two clubs are bathrooms, a lunch room, and a science room.  The kids are free to go between the two clubs, however, if one side has an open house, for the safety of the kids, the other side is blocked off.  It didn’t happen too often though.  The kids get a wristband when they board the ship.  They are supposed to wear it the whole cruise, but my kids thought it was annoying, so I had the bands loosened to where they could slip it on when they were in the club, and then slip it off when they left.  You bring the kids to the club, they tap their bracelet and can enter the club.  When you come to pick them up, you need your stateroom key.  The club worker will scan your key and a picture of you and your kids pops onto the screen.  Then you have to give a secret password.  After that, one parent can go into the club to try and track down your kids.  Disney leaves 2 cell phones in your stateroom that you can use during your cruise.  Make sure to rotating charging them, or they will beep during the night.  We gave one to our teen (be very careful with them.  There is a $250 charge if it gets lost/broken!) and the other we kept.  We could call her and keep tabs, or decide on a meeting place/time.  It was really nice to give her some freedom, but still keep in touch.  Also when your younger kids are in the club, the workers can text you to come and get them.  Your phone will vibrate and a message that says “(child’s name) is ready to be picked up from the Oceaneers Club” pops up on the screen.  It is really an awesome invention, and I like that I can leave the kids knowing they are in control of when they want to leave.  The kids club has so many different areas.  They have computer games, play areas, board games, crafts, science experiments, you name it.  The kids can dress up and play with the real characters.  You can help Captain Hook find his missing hook, or have storytime with the princesses.  In each room, a different movie is playing, so if the child just wants to relax, they can just sit back in any room and watch whatever movie they want.  A note of warning: When your kids do the arts and crafts, there is no guarantee they will get to bring them home.  A number of times Marissa’s crafts disappeared, and someone else took it home.  Once she knew that would happen, she was ok with it, but she was sad at first.  So just give the kids a heads up.



The teen club was a lot of fun and Ashley spent a lot of time doing the activities.  They had Gender Wars almost every night, Scavenger Hunts, Gotcha game, and the zombie movie.  They also made food/smoothies.  They had a couple of parties for the teens.  This club is ONLY for 14-17 year olds.  You have to have a special sticker on your card to enter the club.  Younger kids try to sneak in, but they are not allowed.  The counselor’s keep a close eye on the kids and don’t allow the kids to have “close contact” with each other.  Safety was their number one priority, and fun came second.  I really felt ok letting her go to the club knowing she would be safe.   There were many nights she came back to the room at midnight or 1 AM because they had activities going on.  She had such a blast, I know she will remember it forever!


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7 comments on “Disney Fantasy Oceaneer Club/Lab and VIBE kids club

  1. Amanda says:

    Hello! My kids have severe food allergies. Do they allow food into the kids activities ? Thank you!!

    • travelmomof3 says:

      Yes, if your child is there during a meal time, they have sandwiches for the kids. However, the food is only to be eaten in a specific area, and not allowed in the areas they play in. You can also put in a note when you check them in saying they are not allowed to eat there, or what their allergies are. Our kids are not fans of sandwiches and never ate in the Kids Club. We would pick them up, they would eat with us, then we would bring them back to the club if they wanted to go back in. I hope that helps!

      • Anthony and Amanda says:

        Thanks so much for the response and love the blog. On average, how much did one of those Disney cruises cost you? Any ways to save money on the cruise? How many days? We live up east in NJ. Thank you!


      • travelmomof3 says:

        Thank you! The cruise price depends on how many days you go for, how many people you bring, etc. You can look on the Disney Cruise website to see how much a cruise would cost for your family. Tips are not included in the price, but cost about $440 for my family of 5 total. Since the cruise is all-inclusive, you can save money by bringing less spending money, not drinking alcohol (which is an extra expense), not going on excursions at the ports, or eating at the adults only specialty restaurants on board. The dining rooms, shows, kids clubs, soda, and food on pool deck are all included in the price. You can also take your own pictures with the characters with your own camera, you don’t have to buy them on board. However, if you save for all the extras in advance, it won’t be an issue! During the school year, it will be cheaper for the cruise, as well as waiting to book at the last minute. However, booking last minute is non-refundable. We like to cruise in the spring, or especially the fall, after school has started. Getting an inside or ocean view room (window) is much cheaper than a balcony stateroom. The next time we go, we will be booking last minute to save money and maybe score a kids sail free deal. I hope that helps!

  2. travelmomof4 says:

    Amanda, did you ever receive my email?

    • Anthony and Amanda says:

      Yes I’m sorry it’s been very busy lately =) Are you ever on the yahoo messenger to talk about Disney and debt free? Thanks!!


      • travelmomof4 says:

        No, I am not, I’m sorry. I don’t use the messenger. However, I check my email frequently, and can get right back with you on any questions you have. 🙂

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