Let’s Talk About Money

Money is always a touchy subject.  A lot of people don’t like to talk about it.  Parents don’t teach their kids to be wise with money, and kids don’t go to their parents for advice about money.  It seems like it’s a don’t ask, don’t tell subject.  So, of course, I am bringing it up here 😉

For those of you that have not read Dave Ramsey’s My Total Money Makeover needs to stop what they are doing and go and get this book.  If you don’t have any money, your local library will have it in stock.  It is an amazing book and will change your life!  Simple things, like pay off your debt (the borrower is slave to the lender), and to save for a rainy day (you WILL have problems, you NEED to prepare for them).  Having an emergency fund is not hording money.  It is being wise and preparing for WHEN you will have a problem.  No if, only when.  Your roof will leak, your car will blow a tire, you will have medical bills.  No matter what happens, you will not have the stress if you have money saved up.  If you are married, having no debt and a 6 months expenses savings account will take the financial burden off you both.  We all know financial problems are a leading cause of divorce and marriage fights.  How would you feel not having any debt (no car loans either), and having a bunch of money in savings?  That would really lighten the load.  You may have a small shovel and can only save $50 a month.  But you know what?  $50 a month is so much better than nothing a month, and it will grow over time.  The older you get, the more money you will be making and the more money you can sock away.  This book that Dave Ramsey wrote changed my life.  It changed my husband’s life.  It taught us to be in control of where our money goes.  We don’t drive fancy cars, or eat out every week, but we have peace.  The peace that comes from having freedom.  Start today and pay off your debts, build up a savings cushion, and taste the freedom that comes with it.


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