Our family is taking a mini-vacation and the kids came in my room to pack and brought half their wardrobe “just in case”.  Which made me think that overpacking would be a good topic to write about today.  I understand bringing an extra outfit or two for a baby (and an extra shirt for the parents!), but when you are going on vacation, you really don’t have to take everything but the kitchen sink!  You can pack light and still have everything you need. I like to use the packing cubes from ebags to pack for my family.  One cube per day of clothes.  They grab a cube and there are the clothes they will wear that day.  No one is looking for clean clothes, or matching clothes, it’s all right there.  You can share most toiletries, but please bring your own toothbrush! 😉 You can get along very well without bringing a ton of extras.  With 6 people in the family, we will have a lot of stuff even packing light, but we can easily fit everything into one suitcase.  Take away half of what you plan to bring and you should be off to a good start to packing light.  You won’t miss what you leave at home but you will really like the feeling of lugging around a much lighter suitcase or backpack!

Here is a picture of my kids clothes in a packing cube.  Their ages are 10 and 8, for sizing purposes.  These cubes hold 2 pairs of undies/socks, one long sleeve shirt and one long pair of pants for a child.  I also use one for toiletries and one for everyone’s swimsuits.  They make bigger sizes which I use for the adults/teen.  They just grab their bag and go.  It makes vacationing so much more enjoyable! Try to pack less and see if it makes traveling a little easier!


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2 comments on “Overpacking

  1. Valerie Wright says:

    These are great posts you have been doing. I love reading them all. Have a fun vacation.

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