Great Wolf Lodge

We had a great time this past weekend on our little mini-vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX.  The room was huge.  We just got a basic room, but it had a bathroom, 2 double beds, a pull out couch, a table with 2 chairs, and a mini fridge and microwave.  It was a really nice room.  Very clean.  We had a problem with the fridge which was taken care of right away.  The kids had a blast with the Magiquest game.  I would not recommend the accessories for the wand.  We had to return everything we got! But the wands and toppers were nice.  And, bonus, it came with a free cape.  We were told the unactivated wands would light stuff up, but that was wrong.  We only had one activated wand that they shared, but they would have had more fun having all the wands activated, which we will do next time.  They had a blast at the water park and even played a laser game where you have to maneuver around the lasers and beat the high score in your group (Ashley won!).  We were going to eat out of the hotel, but the pizza and ice cream were reasonable and it was nice to stay in where it was warm!  We brought food for all other meals besides dinner, which saved a lot of money!  We paid cash for everything, so no headache when we got home about bills that need to be paid.  We had a very fun mini-trip.  So glad we saved up and went there.  We all want to go back when the baby is older, so I can enjoy the water park too!  I would highly recommend a weekend stay there at the Lodge.  Next time I think we will stay for 2 nights.  It is nice to have a full day there without packing/unpacking.  Also, it will give more time to play the magi quest game and swim.  Start saving up, and you too can have a great family vacation that won’t follow you home and haunt you with bills you have to pay later.  Even a short trip will be remembered!

Here are some pictures:


They give kids the wolf ear headbands at check-in 🙂


View of the from of the hotel from my sister-in-law’s room.


Marissa showing off the pool


The kids playing MagiQuest.


These two take the game VERY serious LOL 🙂

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