It seems like whenever I get my budget in order, something always comes along to mess it up.  It doesn’t matter how much money I try to put aside, something comes along to try and pull it out.  It would be very easy to say, “forget it” and use a credit card when things happen. But personally, I take it as a challenge to see how I can stay on task, no matter what bumps we encounter along the way.  How do you feel when something happens that takes up your hard earned money that you scrimped to save? How do you feel when you get set with a budget only for it to be turned upside down unexpectedly.  This past year, we have been saving to buy a house.  We planned on only renting for one year, which has already turned into two years, and may even linger on into becoming three years of renting.  I have changed my budget a number of times in this year alone!  Since January, we have had a baby, needed braces (yes, needed, definitely not wanted!), my baby had to have surgery unexpectedly, the a/c went out in our car, and a number of other unexpected things have found there way into our savings account.  It would be really easy to just forget saving and pay for everything all at once.  However, that isn’t what we did.  We decided to tighten our belts: my husband worked a lot of overtime, I began cooking more meals at home and finding ways to save money in our budget.  We have a savings goal we are trying to meet by May.  We have been hit hard this year, however, I am still determined to do whatever we can to reach our goal by May.  What seemed like such an easy task has turned into something that has us on our knees in prayer. It has us leaning more on God, and working together to make it happen.  We still have money set aside for fun and for family activities, we wouldn’t have gone on vacation if we were REALLY hurting for money.  That would not have been wise!  This is more of a personal goal, not something that HAS to be done in a certain timeframe. I like setting a yearly goal, because it pushes me to try harder.  To learn something new, and to stretch myself and see how much I can grow.  My husband and I, every year, sit down on our anniversary, and plan our goals for 1 yr, 2 yrs and 5 yrs.  We also go over our goals from the previous year and see how well we did.  It is amazing that every year we have setbacks, but we also most often have met the important goals.  Some we cut very close, and some took a little longer to achieve, but we have tried to stay on task and God has been faithful to hear our prayers and answer as He sees fit.  So, the next time you have a set back, don’t throw up your hands in frustration.  Take a step back and see how you can use this to grow you and change you.  A challenge can be a hard thing, but can really be worth it in the end.  I am praying we can say we met our goal when May 2015 rolls around.  However, if we haven’t, we will keep plugging away and keep striving to reach that goal!  You can do it too!  Make a list of important goals, and then do what you can to obtain them.  You will find peace and satisfaction when they are completed.  It is even more amazing to complete a goal after having a setback.  We really have seen God work miracles in our lives!  What a blessing! 🙂


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