Expect the unexpected

Well, this week did not go at all as I had hoped.  My husband was out of town all week.  We got our oldest daughter a big surprise for her birthday, only to find out it will not be here in time for her party *most likely.  Also, another gift will not be here in time, but that is another story.  So I am pretty bummed about that, but God will work it all out and it will still be an amazing party!!  Now, for good unexpected secrets: I can write this here because the kids don’t read my blog!  I am so excited that we got Disney tickets for while we are in FL.  So, not only are we going to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure (kids know about this), but now we are tagging 3 days at Disney to the end of our trip (surprise!)!  I am really excited that my parents can join us too!  So sometimes unexpected things can be a bummer, and sometimes they can be wonderful!!  Try to be flexible and not sweat it when things don’t go as planned.  You never know how God can grow you during trials, and you never know when something fun could come along 🙂


Back in the saddle

Wow, just when I tried to get back to blogging, sickness flew through my house!  We are finally all healthy and getting back to the swing of things.  We have a busy couple of months coming up.  In a couple weeks our daughter is celebrating her sweet sixteen with a murder mystery party. Everyone has to come dressed in character and solve the whodunit mystery.  Next month we’re taking a mini vacation to meet up with my sister.  I’m so excited about that!!  April brings a surprise trip to Florida and the kids first trip to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure.  We usually hit Disney when we are in Florida and the kids are SO excited to try something new!!  May or June we *may* be moving.  If the Lord opens that door for us at that time.  If not, no worries, we will stay here a few more months and try again!  June/July bring camp for the kids and Vacation Bible School, August is my family’s family reunion, which we are so excited to attend.  Then the fall brings birthdays, and the start of school, then the holiday season again in no time.  I’m already tired thinking about everything coming up!  I have decided to focus on one thing at a time so I don’t get too overwhelmed.  First on the list, my daughter’s birthday party.  I usually try to plan way in advance, to spread out the party cost over a few months.  However, with everyone being sick, we kind of planned this party last minute.  Luckily, I was able to purchase everything we need for the party, and thank the  Lord, we were able to get a beautiful Belle costume (her character in the mystery is from Beauty and the Beast) for the birthday girl at a great price.  We are working on an awesome birthday gift for our sweet girl.  I hope it all comes together.  Nothing like cramming at the last minute.  I do work well under pressure, so it should go off without a hitch.  I’m a little concerned about throwing an amazing birthday with a heavy little baby on my hip, but I know God can give me the strength to pull it off!  We don’t usually go all out for the kids birthdays.  We did when there was just one, but now that there is 4, we scaled back.  Big parties for when they turn 10, 13, and 16.  The rest will be small family parties.  Still fun, but not a huge expense.  I love throwing parties, but I haven’t done a lot since we are renting.  I know that will pick up once we move, get settled, and get more furniture to hold everyone!  This party will be interesting.  There will be almost 20 people here, and the party requests you serve appetizers, dinner, and dessert to go along with the “rounds”.  Mingling happens during appetizers, the murder happens during dinner, and you have to figure out whodunit by dessert.  So it will be a long and fun party.  Ashley is so excited and every time something arrives in the mail, or we bring it in from the store she is jumping with excitement.  We have some surprises we are going to try to pull off.  Not to sure what will happen, but it should be fun!!  Trying to stay on a budget can be hard but we try to write everything down, see what we have at home, and shop online to try and cut costs.  This works much better when you plan in advance.  I was not able to get a few things I needed because they wouldn’t arrive until after the party. so planning ahead would have been helpful.  But we’ll make due!  I will post pics after her party, and will let you know whodunit!