Sweet 16 Party

Well, this past weekend was very hectic to say the least!  We had very bad weather here, so we had to postpone my daughter’s birthday party.  Thank God, everyone was able to come!  For her 16th birthday, she decided to have a murder mystery fairy tale themed party.  Everyone had to come in costume and they each had their own character to play.  Each course of dinner was a round in the game.  Round one was during appetizers, round two during dinner, and round three during dessert.  You got to know everyone’s character during round one. Round two, someone gets murdered, and round three we find out whodunit! It was a ton of fun, and everyone really got into it.  The younger kids were my helpers, and they did a fantastic job!  The party was a hit, she got some amazing gifts, and the house is all cleaned up again 🙂 So I am happy, too!  Here are some pictures of her sweet 16 birthday party:


All the suspects


The beautiful birthday girl!


My little servants


Getting to know one another.


Oh no! I was murdered!  *This is a horrible picture, but the only one I had showing the make-up/victim sign.


Trying to figure out whodunit! *Spoiler* The girl in the blue chair is the murderer!


Her gorgeous cake!


Most parents just give their kids a present, but not me 😉 I filled a box with crumpled paper and wrote a note taped to the bottom.  “Yeah right, like it would be that easy!  Check on top of the fridge for your present…if you can reach!”


She found a way to reach the top of the fridge!  It was worth it, because she found the keys to her BRAND NEW (to her) CAR!!!


The party was a blast, she will always remember it, and that is the whole point of throwing an amazing sweet 16 party for her.  We found the party script at www.mymysteryparty.com  They also have non-murder mystery parties for younger kids.  I am sure we will be using their site again!  *I don’t get anything from them,I just wanted to share the info in case someone was interested!