Trip to Universal Orlando/Disney World April 2015

This vacation was so exciting for me!  All of our kids have gone to Disney as a baby, and our new little bundle of joy was no exception!  He, (9 months old), absolutely loved it and did wonderfully well!  Our first stop was to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure for a day with my husband’s family (and meeting up with good friends!) and then 3 days at Disney World with my parents.  We had such a blast!  We made a quick stop at the beach first, which had the perfect waves for boogie boarding!  Our little one did not like the beach very much at all, but I got some cute pictures!


At the beach

As is common in FL, it rained poured for almost the whole day at Universal/Islands of Adventure.  Some might think that is a bad thing, but since we were only there for one day I welcomed the shower!  We also went on a week day which meant that with those two circumstances put together, we hardly had to wait in line for anything!!  I did ax the stroller in favor of a baby carrier and umbrella for this day because who wants to push a soaking wet stroller around?!  We got around a lot faster with just the carrier.  I won’t lie, by the end of the day my feet were killing me, but we had so much fun, I didn’t care!!

Our kids love Harry Potter, so they were super excited to experience both parks and the Hogwarts Express train ride.  You can only ride the train if you get a park to park ticket.  If you only buy a ticket for one park, you miss our on this opportunity.  It has different views each way it travels, so make sure if you ride the train you ride it both ways at least once! Another neat thing that happens when the park is fairly empty is that all 3 of my kids got to do the wand experience at Olivander’s, when normally only one child in a group gets picked.  You get to try a few wands and when “your” wand picks you, there are lights and wind and is a pretty cool experience!  You can choose to keep the wand that chose you, or you can pick a different one after the experience.  2 of the 3 kids kept the wand that chose them, and my frugal child chose a cheaper non-interactive wand.  While walking around the parks, your wands can activate and move things around throughout the park, when they wave them just right.  But it costs extra for that feature.  The rides were a lot of fun, and there were not too many rides that the younger ones couldn’t ride on.  The baby swap here is better than at Disney, you get to sit inside and watch a movie or at least get out of the sun while you wait to swap.  They also let the other people in your party ride again with you, so the kids all got to ride double on the rides!  (When busy, they only let you bring 1-2 people with you when you swap).  Disney lets you bring 3 people with you for the swap, but you have to wait outside with the baby, then they give you a fast pass. Still nice, but I preferred Universal for this. Here are some pictures of Universal:


Just arriving for the first time ever to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure!


So excited to ride the Hogwarts express with their uncle!


The wand that chose her!


In front of Hogwarts Castle with the family!


Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes! Chocolate frogs (which are huge and didn’t melt!) and Pigmy Puff’s!


She had a great day and didn’t want to leave!

Most of the pictures we got at Universal were at the Harry Potter Land, partly because of the rain!  But we really did enjoy the rest of the park as well!  Next post: Disney World!

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