School, budget and travel

Wow, this year is flying by fast! So much has happened already and I can’t wait to see how this year wraps up. We are just starting the new homeschool year. We only lasted a few weeks before a stomach virus ran rampant through our home. We also have been having major headaches with our daughter’s car. We are praying the issues are behind us now!! Next on our vacation list is heading back to FL for a much anticipated caribbean cruise for the hubby and me ( and the baby is tagging along) while the kids enjoy Universal Studios again with their uncle and enjoying the FL weather with their grandparents!! ¬†Our budget has been hit a lot this year. Between moving, car trouble, and needing to buy new appliances, we really need to kick it into gear and save, save, save! Our goal is to have our emergency fully completed by the end of next year. We also are looking forward to attending a family reunion and hopefully adding a furry friend to the family next year. Lots to plan for, and I am looking forward to making some fond memories! Hopefully I will be able to stick with the blog better. Life is hectic, but I love to have a written timeline of the year.