Winter vacation 2015

This year has been a crazy one!  We moved to a new house, traveled a lot, got a puppy, and found out we were expecting another little one!  Actually I found out a day or two before we took this trip.  Luckily the morning sickness didn’t really kick in yet, so I felt pretty good on the cruise.  Hunter did great, and the other kids had a blast with their uncle.  The three kids went to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure for 3 days.  They stayed at a Universal resort so they were able to ride the Harry Potter rides early and then get express passes for most all other rides.  They had so much fun and came home with a ton of goodies (including a chocolate frog for me!).  12347953_10153957481507122_5082497160363946333_n

Having fun with their uncle!


One of the workers there gave them a behind the scenes tour of the Men in Black ride.  They still talk about how cool that was!


With the Back to the Future car.


Getting ready for some massive burgers!


This sign is so fitting! Hahaha


While they were off having a great time at Universal, my husband, Nathan, and baby Hunter and I had a great time on a Royal Caribbean 5 night cruise to the Cayman Islands and Mexico.


We splurged on a balcony room so we could enjoy the scenery while Hunter was napping.  It was worth it!  So beautiful out there!


Hunter loved the balcony.  Babies can’t swim on the ship so we brought an inflatable pool and put it on the balcony for him to play.


Selfie and the sea


Hunter has separation anxiety, so we could not use the nursery as planned (bummer), but he loved playing in there during open play where you stay with the kids, instead of dropping them off.


We had to take a tender boat to the Cayman Islands, Hunter wasn’t thrilled with this.  He wanted to walk around which, obviously, would not have been safe!


He was ready for his dinner! (This should be after the Cayman Island pics, whoops!)


Cayman Islands


We had a great time in the Cayman Islands.  It was very beautiful here.


Since we have been to Mexico before, and the morning sickness started to kick in, we didn’t get off the ship at Cozumel.  We took Hunter to play mini golf instead.


You can’t forget the cute towel animals left in your stateroom!!  I do miss the chocolates that the Disney Cruise leaves every night, but we had $150 onboard credit, so we pretty much could buy all the souvenirs and candy we wanted!

We had a great time, the kids had a great time, and once again, the trip was paid for before we left, so no debt to come home to haunt us!  This next year we will not be traveling so much with a baby coming.  We need to save Hubby’s vacation time for that, however, we have a family reunion in May at some cabins in KY which will be a lot of fun!  Then later in the year we may go back to Universal or Silver Dollar City in Branson, or Great Wolf Lodge. . . .


***So she doesn’t feel left out, here is our newest little addition Calypso.  She is an 11 week old goldendoodle.  So sweet and soft!